the design revolution
needs new designers
We guide and empower individuals through the dimensions of design thinking, ensuring that whether you're a seasoned business leader or just embarking on your design journey, you will be equipped with the skillsand tools to thrive in this design revolution.
for executives and service owners
Leadership in today's world demands more than just strategy. It's about shaping a culture that thrives on reality, addresses challenges head-on, and fosters continuous learning. Let design be your compass.
for those who want to work with design
Service design offers a mindset to perceive, a process to strategize, and a set of tools to innovate. Dive into diverse perspectives, visualize intricate systems, and lead the charge in design transformation.
for everyone who is interested
Design thinking is inclusive and open to anyone. It's a fresh approach for any professional eager to see the world differently. Start your journey now and be ahead of the curve.
online foundation,
tailored extensions
service design foundations
Dive into the world of design with our foundational online course, setting the stage for your design journey.
personal development
Enhance your design skills with personalized guidance, unlocking new avenues in your design journey.
practicing with others
Deepen your understanding by engaging with peers, asking questions, and practicing in a safe space facilitated by us.
LSD 2.0
Experience the best of both worlds with our hybrid LSD course, combining online basics with immersive personal sessions to elevate your design expertise.
how useful these skills are
on a practical level?
It is increasingly difficult to find sustainable solutions in the face of multidimensional and constantly changing business issues.
To step back, understand the problem or opportunity and make a future-proof decision. Without design thinking, it is increasingly difficult, expensive and risky.
Design makes everything more human-centred and relevant, but also more efficient and future-proof.
don’t you know where to start?
Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Let’s have a chat about your unique context and we help you to find the optimal educational program specifically for you. We can help on three levels:
Help you in your professional journey with design thinking. You define the character mix you need from educator to mentor, coach and consultant.
Make your team revolution ready. Start a momentum within your team by creating a common understanding on how design can support business.
Scaling design education on an organizational level is challenging.
We are here to help you with our proven education methodology and toolkit.
edu participants
courses done
edu hours
injecting design
into our education
Our mission is to create a more human-centric world by helping current and future decision-makers become more empathetic
In our university courses, we influence students to be curious, open, and reflective and become the future facilitators of change.
let's meet for a coffee!
László Ágoston
co-founder, business design consultant
let's meet for a coffee!
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