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With understanding as a starting point, we will guide you through
planning and strategy creation to implementation.
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With the tool of Design Research we bring you closer
to the reality you want to work on.
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With the toolkit of Service Design we help you manifest a human centric strategy in alignment with your business goals.
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With Strategic Design we guide you through the whole transformation process in an emphatetic way.
"They are a bit 'crazy' like us, which combined with a high level of humility, flexibility and customer focus has worked very well for us."
"There were few partnerships where I felt the harmony that I had with the meet guys from the beginning. I felt that they understood and loved our brand and we developed the project together accordingly, so we kept our brand identity, but also got a really professional and new approach and perspective from them."
Botond Prischetzky
"you have imparted some incredibly useful and usable knowledge to a team with a very diverse range of professional backgrounds!"
A special thank you for your flexibility in adapting the schedule to our needs on a day-to-day basis. You are fantastic people, both professionally and humanly, and I'm glad we got to know each other and learn from and with you!
Anna Holló
"this team are great in asking questions, creating and supporting in the most sensitive and effective way"

"They blended in perfectly into the organization, challenged and developed the teams, assured that they were following SD processes and helped them to change their mindset. I can fully recommend them as they really can support a sustainable change."
Alexandra Reich
ex CEO of Telenor
"working together was inspiring and gave me a solid foundation to continue"
"I've learned a lot from working with Zsófi and Kamill, but more importantly, I had a lot of fun doing it. My experience was that they brought a new way of thinking to our organization, beyond the tried and tested methodologies, and wanted to understand the bank's operations and the way customers think in full depth."
Dorka Radics
MKB Bank
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