we think a lot about
the world around us
we see a constantly evolving
chaos in our world
human layer
The world around us is filled with poorly designed services. The human layer of customers is ignored and they are forced to adapt to bad services, spiraling bad behaviour and culture.
business layer
Businesses face rapidly changing challenges, forcing them to make reactive decisions and offer unnecessarily complex services. They lack the time and resources to step back and be conscious and proactive.
we are here
to help you change that
The goal is to foster a world that is more conscious and empathetic by helping individuals and organizations make sense of the chaos.
scoping and knowledge
empathy and
awareness raising
making sense of
the reality
proactively shaping
the world
with this team
We are eager to dive into the chaos. Uncertainty gives us that tingling sensation. This is how we know we are in the right place.
We love to see the whole picture. Plan holistically. Solve problems in their context. Strategize.
We aim to change the realities discovered. Search for viable and feasible business solutions. Plan ahead.
We are curious. Ask questions. Understand and accept. Emphatize.
who are we?
along these values
We believe that in an empathic world those brands, services, or employers will be more successful which are easier to be loved by their stakeholders. It means taking risks, paying attention, and being relevant. If you want to build this kind of love, you need to identify the key patterns by understanding needs, fears, beliefs, and desires.
A change requires identifying specific areas to be developed and the direction to be taken. We believe that the decision-making process does not only set the goals but also makes every step of the way towards them a concrete plan.
One thing that remains constant in a world of continuous change and unpredictable actions is the ability to adapt. We work adaptively by first examine and understand processes and plans from multiple perspectives, and then become aware of who we are and where we are going along the way.
Routine operations can slow our vision, and we often fail to notice things we aren't aware of. The truth is questionable, well-functioning processes can be improved, and problems can be solved. If we move away to get out of the ordinary, to disturb the stagnant water - we see more opportunities than we originally thought possible.
No two issues, problems, questions, or services are the same, so there are no universally valid solutions. Having ready-made models can seem magical, but they are often illusory, we always come up with our own answers
When we build things together, our focus is on the energy and enthusiasm we bring with us - and sustain throughout. We know that success requires momentum, and a commitment based on the team's interest and involvement.
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Kamill Kószó
co-founder, design strategist
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