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our approach
Solving business problems requires the understanding of both internal and external perspectives. Empathy, awareness, and a willingness to change are essential to great design.
MONYO - case study
Brewery tour experience design
Hiper - case study
Segmented communication strategy and redesigning the service palette
Metropolitan University - case study
Student experience design
KPMG - case study
Customized multi-day training for utilizing the service design toolkit
Magnet Bank - case study
Pilot ‘newbranch’ process redesign
Népliget - case study
Our design approach for an architectural idea contest
UPC - case study
Device purchase journey design for UPC
Doktor Plus - case study
Designing a newly built private clinic for children and adults
Roche - case study
Sales design
Secudit - case study
Marketability assessment for a cybersecurity solution
Allee - case study
Reconsider the Allee brand positioning
Andrews - case study
Value Proposition Design for a cyber security startup
Raiffeisen Bank - case study
Advanced level service design training
Helsinki Committee - case study
How to encourage the participation in civil rights protection
European Union - case study
Cultural Urban Platform design for Budapest District XI. (Újbuda)
Neumann Labs - case study
Segmented communication support
Kaptár - case study
Kaptár Youth Center strategic redesign
EGIS - case study
Internal innovation hackathon
MKB Bank - case study
Private banking rebranding and digitalisation
Telekom - case study
Business proposition design for Magenta 1 - 2020-2021
Hiventures - case study
KKVPRO target group design research
MKB Bank - case study
Premium segment strategy
MKB Bank - case study
Customer Experience Strategy design
Telenor - case study
B2B redesign
Bartók negyed - case study
Defining the building blocks of a brand based on the experiences of the district's residents
Telekom - case study
Gamification based non-financial incentive system for sales reps (TeleCoin)
Budapest History Museum - case study
Understanding the attitude of residents towards Budapest
Magyar Bankholding - case study
Business strategy redesign focusing on SMEs
Roche - case study
An expanding knowledge base segmented along employee challenges
Criterion - case study
Redesigning a surveillance service with 66 solutions
RP/Hiper - case study
Employee-tailored incentive system
Roche - case study
A playbook for supporting the onboarding process
Dynamo - case study
Assisting an agency in employee transformation preparation
Bálint Ház - case study
Funding model restructuring based on lifecycle models
Euroleasing - case study
Unifying the online ecosystem from a user's perspective
Juvederm - case study
Segmented communication strategy in the aesthetic treatment market
Open Society Foundation - case study
Understanding the public and political interests of the Roma society
ViddL - case study
Feasibility check of future development plans
Hearsay - case study
One-year support and training for the designers at Hearsay
Telenor - case study
Customer Lifecycle Model
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