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As going through a big redesign process, MKB (Hungarian Kereskedelmi Bank) reevaluated which elements of its banking portfolio needed to be updated. In this project we focused on value propositions for small and medium enterprises.

In addition, they had to rethink their segmentation logic, which is currently solely derived from hard financial data.
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Our objective was to understand what value means to small and medium enterprises - and how they differ in this regard.
After conducting a thorough desk research on trends and international best practices regarding SME-focused value propositions we started interviewing both company leaders and SME-experts. Human stories and insights from drove us towards digging deeper into why and how people become entrepreneurs. Discovering how different drivers behind entrepreneurship play a role in banking habits, needs and pain points we evaluated personas that provided a strong foundation for attitude-based segmentation.
Our final, segmented value propositions were developed in collaboration with stakeholders with domain expertise and C-level decision makers. Afterwards we worked on aligning all findings with the long-term business strategy of MKB.

Also worked on this project: Miklós Szabó.
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László Ágoston
co-founder, business design consultant
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