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Reducing the feeling of expensiveness without losing brand values
Providing only high quality laboratory products and services led the clients of Roche perceive their brand as unnecessarily overpriced compared to their competitors.
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We visited 10+ hospitals throughout the country, interviewed more than 60 people (doctors, hospital and financial directors, lab technicians, etc.), and visited several laboratories to understand how they feel about Roche and what obstacles they face when buying new equipment. We then mapped out the different attitude types clients have towards Roche and worked on solutions to reduce the feeling of expensiveness - or enhance the impression of quality.
Through several workshops we developed prototypes for (1) showing decision-makers how much they actually get from Roche - beyond the product they are buying, and (2) events and activities that broadcast the professionalism and knowledge that Roche has to the entire healthcare sector. The project team then tested these prototypes and decided what to implement.
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László Ágoston
co-founder, business design consultant
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