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Defining the building blocks of a brand based on the experiences of the district's residents
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The local government of Újbuda aimed to develop a new, consistent, comprehensible umbrella brand for a part of the district, resonating with its residents. The goal was not just to establish a visual identity but also to create a platform that could support future strategic initiatives, including infrastructure developments.
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We determined the project's objectives in workshops with local government members, reviewed stakeholder relationships, and explored the service ecosystem of the Bartók Negyed. The brand character, motivations, visions, and value scale were defined based on the stories told by local residents and visitors about the quarter. We spent several afternoons conducting discussions and association games with people in parks, cafes, and public squares to understand their perception of the Bartók Negyed.
Based on these insights, we defined the brand's role in the eyes of residents and visitors, the brand character, potential touchpoints, and unique selling proposition (USP). The outcomes served as a starting point not only for the graphic designers but also for anyone involved in the brand's further evolution, local event conception, and maintaining relationships with all stakeholders (residents, local service providers, local government, etc.).

Also worked on this project: Veronika Soós
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