Device purchase journey design for UPC
journey mapping
qualitative research
Despite selling televisions and phones as well as Internet connections, UPC is mostly thought of as an ISP - they do not appear as handset sellers. They were looking for the answer to how they could increase the volumenumber of handset sales while making the buying and installation a better experience for customers.
our work
First, we visited UPC customers with members of the project team in Budapest and rural areas UPC customers who have shown their assets, explained the purchase and connection process and their overall experience. 

Following this research we prepared the UPC device purchase journey, customer personas, and together with the UPC's project team we came up with solutions answering their pain-points and desires, while making sure that feasibility and viability are also taken into account.
Since UPC was just before the Vodafone merge moment, there was no implementation phase as far as we know it. We hope that during the merge negotiation the UPC and Vodafone teams could align their processes easier on this area. 

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