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Secudit, a team offering a cybersecurity solution, operating within a startup-like structure, was brought to us by their angel investor, seeking an assessment of the marketability of their years-long, yet result-less development. If deemed unmarketable, the investor wanted to know what needed to change to make it so to make sure his investment is worth it.
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After exploring the service range and value propositions of cybersecurity market players available in Hungary, we conducted interviews with Secudit's target groups: IT operation and cybersecurity experts, quality assurance specialists, and system administrators from both private and state enterprises. Through this research, we not only got acquainted with their needs but also asked for feedback on Secudit's partially completed solutions. We used these insights to develop strategic models that highlight Secudit's shortcomings and strengths and proposed several transformation concepts for their potential market entry.
Our research revealed that, in its current form and development stage, the product, value proposition, and organizational operation were not able to fit the needs of potential users. We brainstormed next steps in a workshop with the development team leader, the investor, and their advisors. Ultimately, the investor decided not to continue supporting the development process in its current form based on the research results.

Also worked on this project: Zita Botás, Eszter Juhász.
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