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"beer is no game, everything else is"
A brewery that is just leaving the “small-scale” mark after a major investment to build a unique brewery in Central Europe is stepping out of the category as a concert venue - which takes place in its garden. MONYO is a compelling, funny brand that takes beer seriously: they wanted to design a brewery tour in this mindset where they could showcase their brewery and beer journey while passing on the real MONYO experience.
our work
We mapped the internal and external perspectives in order to plan an outstanding brewery tour:
we examined the activities of domestic and foreign breweries, scanned the needs of MONYO, interviewed real beer geeks and those who are new to craft beers. Together, we unpacked the entire MONYO ecosystem, looked at the brand’s strengths, and scattered the brand architecture. 

Through the process the MONYO consumers were involved in the planning of the tour: in a co-creation workshop we jointly came up with various ideas of ​​what a unique, truly MONYO tour would look like.

As an output of the workshops and research, we have created a blueprint that can be edited by everyone, in which the process and stages of the whole tour are worked out in detail so that the different divisions (communication, procurement, tour guide) can work based on the parts. 

In each and every step we translated the brand into service experience moments to make sure visitors can feel the brand during the whole journey. The factory tour is expected to open next year.

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