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Preparing the remote teams for the hackathon pitch using design thinking
EGIS has held an internal innovation hackathon to uncover existing ideas that can contribute to the company's digital transformation. Finding opportunities and coming up with ideas to solve them is one thing, but making them understandable for the management team is another. Typically, pharmaceutical experts do not have to pitch the solution to a complex problem to top executives in 8 minutes - regardless of how good a professional idea is if it is not understandable by others.
our work
we followed the work of 10 teams for 4 weeks, developing the narrative and flow of their presentation together. As a result, we helped them explain and formulate the idea's innovation and business significance.
Results presented by the teams exceeded all expectations, and six teams received management support and funding to implement their plans.
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Kamill Kószó
co-founder, design strategist
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