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After spending some time at their new bank as customers of the Bank, we felt that even though it was an amazing idea to combine a bank branch with a cafe, the two services weren't synchronized as smoothly as it could be.  We published our experiences and recommendations in a blogpost and the next month we were already working with the bank on creating an outstanding experience.
our work
With a 12-member project team, we went out to explore the newbranch reality from the customers POV. We mapped out the whole customer journey highlighting what is happening behind the scenes, creating the first service blueprint for the newbranch. Using the map we generated solution ideas, evaluated and prototype tested them with customers. 
We realized that the 'newbranch' setup created a basic discomfort for both bank reps and customers, so we we introduced a new role at the bank: the 'branch coach'. A MagNet employee who is prepared to supervise and mentor a whole branch. The mindset change led to new processes which provided both an example and a template for two other newbranches.
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