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You have a lot of questions that can only be answered from an outside-in perspective? Understand how your users interpret what you do in order to do something they can easily understand, use - and love.
Understanding is when you realize most of what you think you know is not enough. Your users are experts and accepting that is the first step towards building a great service.
what can you
Sensemaking has many names: discovery, exploring, design research, etc. We don’t care what you call it as long as it means deeply understanding the realities of your customers and actively starting to serve them.
After scoping the problem or question together we go into the wilderness (that is actually the reality). We observe people, talk to them, ask them to share their thoughts and feelings about anything related to the topic. Other methods (such as desk research or quantitative surveys) can be used as additional elements.
Finally, we synthesize our learnings, allowing you to recognize patterns in how people view your service.We highlight related, often surprising issues that your customers care about. Whether it’s a user journey, personas or other model, the most important thing is that it keeps you in reality and is useful for future planning.
how long
does it take?
Timing depends on the scope, chosen methods, number and accessability of inteviewees, complexity of your problem. This gantt chart here is a rough estimate of how long a project usually takes.
"I realized I got a lot more than just a research from them."
"After working with meet, I was grateful that the research helped me shed light on the need to change our idea if we want to build a successful startup. Then I realized I got a lot more than just a research from them. Since its launch, one of the keys to ViddL’s success has been design thinking, which has helped us in critical moments, redesigns, service development, in our corporate everyday lives."
Dóra Kratochvill
most common outputs
as is journey
You get a high level holistic view of your processes from an inside-out perspective: what you think your customers think, feel and go through when interacting with your service.
insight bank
You get a snapshot from the reality we discovered together. Transcripts from interviews, the true voice of your customers, employees or any stakeholders. Wishes, painpoints and all relevant topics are tagged.
strategic maps
Visual models, figures, illustrations guide you in the decision making process. Your top priority questions are answered in their context, explained in a logical structure.
persona set
Qualitative personas provide insights on how your customers feel, think and act differently. Building your service with these aspects in mind helps you to provide a well-planned and segmented experience where all customers feel like your product was made exactly for them.
customer journey
Since all services are processes from the outside-in perspective, mapping what happens and what feelings arise in each stage helps you to think both holistically and point-by-point.
strategic advice
What you get from sensemaking is not a classic research output. If and when you need some advice in how to continue or what to put focus on, we help you to stay on track.
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Zsófia Rét
co-founder, design strategist
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