service design
by design
You have a lot of questions that can only be answered from an outside-in perspective? Understand how your users interpret what you do in order to do something they can easily understand, use - and love.
Innovation is tricky. Don’t be afraid to forget what you know. Ask, plan, experiment, prototype, test, iterate. Learn to listen to and rely on your users every step of the way.
what can you
expect from this?
Change by design is focusing on solving challenges through understanding, making sense, concept creation, prototyping, testing and iterating. Whether you want to disrupt the market, broaden your scope or start something from scratch.
We start with mapping your goals, obstacles, challenges and questions. From there we discover the other perspective - the way users, customers or any other stakeholders think, feel, and act when connecting to your service.
Those insights are translated into strategic maps for you. This is how we make sure that when we ideate and prepare conceptual steps they are all desirable for your customers.
After conceptual plans and ideas are gathered, we choose the most viable and feasible ones and babystep our way to implementation. This means crafting prototypes, testing them, develop or throw them out and eventually settle for a solution.
This is a fully collaborative process that possibly also changes the way you think and work.
how long
does it take?
Timing depends on the scope, project team size, chosen number of iterations, complexity of your problem, and number of workshops needed. This Gantt chart here is a rough estimate of how long a project usually takes.
"we felt like we were twins as Andrews and meet"
It was great working together. We felt like we were twins as Andrews and meet: we are both professionals in our respective fields, honest and passionate about our work, which is our mission as well.
Zámbó Marcell (Lilo)
partner @ Andrews
"they flashed their professionalism while bringing in their service design knowledge"
"Working with meet was a great experience! At first we didn’t know what to make of each other and the task at hand, but once we agreed on the way of working and they flashed their professionalism while bringing in their service design knowledge, we were on our pleasant journey to make an already great telco proposition into a real customer insight based, much much better version of itself!"
Csaba Tölgyessy
product owner for FMC solutions - Magyar Telekom
most common outputs
value proposition
You get a clear picture on what you are providing to whom and most of all, why. Each persona or target group differs in what they consider valuable, so get ready to think segmented!
brand positioning
A well defined brand helps you differentiate yourself in the eye of your customers. By brand we mean tangible, brandslated experiences, not just a brandbook.
business model
This model alone is the heart of your business - how you create value for your business and customers. Visualizing it in a structured way gives you power to play with it, shape it, or to redesign it.
collection of ideas
Whether you had strong ideas in the beginning or started clueless, this process provides a bunch of new aspects you never considered before. Desirable, viable and feasible ideas.
validated prototypes
Instead of falling in love with an idea and spend a fortune on implementing it, you can start small and cautious. We craft prototypes together and test them so you can keep the ones that work.
redesigned service
Changing even minor things means your whole process is going to evolve. It may affect online and offline channels, different departments, or just the way you turn to your customers.
let’s work together
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Kamill Kószó
co-founder, design strategist
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